A place that provides care and connection to young people who are vulnerable to difficulties in life.

MeeTaa is a platform in the Metaverse where young people in their teens and twenties can casually gather. With the support of doctors and psychological specialists, we provide care and comfortable connections that match psychological characteristics, such as games, music, and other content that serve as digital medicine, as well as communication with peers.
Through the use of MeeTaa, we want young people to improve their self-characteristics such as independence, self-esteem, and ability to connect, and to acquire a resilient mind (psychological resilience). By doing so, we hope to create a society where young people's difficulties in life are eliminated and a sustainable and high level of wellbeing is realized. It is with this desire in mind that we are proceeding with our development.


MeeTaa is "me + meta(verse)," a place where you and the metaverse merge; it also means Meet or "saw" (by Japanese pronunciation).